About Me

About Me

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I’m Duncan (full name James Duncan). I love working remotely with teams around the world to build valuable products people love to use.


My crypto journey started as a Grant Manager at the Ethereum Foundation in 2018. Today, I fit into new or existing startups as a Product Manager, Product Lead, Advisor, and/or Angel Investor.

My expertise lies in managing teams launching consumer-grade products within the Ethereum ecosystem. I’ve been involved with a variety of protocols building tech across decentralized finance, NFTs, and DAOs and work well with teams who need to add structure to their development process, who lack experience launching and maintaining smart contracts, or who need support in polishing the UX in the last mile before launch.

The protocols I’ve helped ship manage more than a Billion dollars in value and are used by millions of people around the world.

Prior to Web3 I worked in the solar energy space. I work flexibly across most timezones. In free time I surf and play music with friends.